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We’re dedicated to building a team of motivated and bright talent from all over the world. We believe in the value of culture, and put an emphasis on finding the right people, who approach their work with innovation and passion. Does this sound like you? If so, please send your resume and cover letter to:


Account Director Los Angeles, CA
Account Executive
with heavy social media experience
Account Executive
with TV/Radio experience
New York, NY
Account/Media Manager
with Search/Display Experience
New York, NY
Ad Operations Manager/Trafficker New York, NY
Analytics Consultant / Advisor Lake Tahoe, CA
Art Director New York, NY
Associate Account Manager New York, NY
Associate Account Manager
with SEM/PPC Experience
Lake Tahoe, CA
Associate Copywriter New York, NY
Associate Creative Director
Copywriter/Art Director Team
New York, NY
Associate Data Scientist New York, NY

Please send your resume and cover letter to:

Madmen Marketing Consultants is an equal opportunity organization and encourage the fresh candidates with the desired knowledge to come forward and help in getting the goals of the organization. There are various career opportunities for you to have in the Madmen industries as you will get to see different kinds of jobs and internship opportunities here to have the finest kind of career ahead.

We provide the best and competitive salary package for you to have according to your skills and also encourage you to explore your selves in the company through the various kinds of incentives offered in the company.

The career openings related to the various posts of social media marketing individuals require you to have the advertisement experience and the skills needed to work in the organization. Along with that there are various kind of opening for the eligible workers to have the Search engine optimization experience in order to provide the SEO advertisement exoreic to the various clients working in the plan. The social media also focuses on the right kind of choice for the advertisement in the area so the individual having the accurate type of experience and skills in the area are also given the opportunities to work with us.

The jobs for the consultants, advisors, media experts, SEO experts, supervisors in marketing, researcher in the area of marketing and account supervisor are also open for the desired candidates. The jobs including the positions for the financial analysts, media mangers, brand strategists, community managers, content generator and managers, writers, creative bloggers and many more are also available.

Here at Madmen Marketing Consultants we provide our workers with the best working conditions and the supportive environment as we believe in making a team instead of working on one's own expertise only. So working in the head office, or working at the various centers of the company should not mean any different to you. You can join us with the confidence about your own skills and we ensure you to provide you with the bets career growth offered in the market if you will come up to your expectations and will work hard with us.